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Dusseldorf City Break

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Holiday in Dusseldorf is definitely the famous centre of style and advertising sectors in Germany. It's the capital city of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia that is magnificently situated by the river of Rhine. Trade fairs are abundant all year round in this German town. It is the place to find several Rhenish carnival celebrations like the annual GroBte Kirmes am Rhein funfair celebrated July of every year wherein in close proximity to 5 million people as well as tourists participate.

The city that once attracted great writers, musicians, and artists is now a city of rich trade, industries, and administration. Learn how it managed its transformation by tracing back the city history of Dusseldorf.

The city is served by a large international airport called Dusseldorf‑Monchengladbach; it is just around 40 kilometers from the centre of town. The Cologne/Bonn airport is around 60 km away from the town centre. Weeze, a smaller airport about 90 kilometers away is used mainly by low-cost airlines that fly to other small airports around Europe.

The glorious Rhine has been the lifeblood of Germany long before the nation came into its own. The strategic spot where the smaller Dussel river meets the Rhine was once a marshy area full of life and wonderfully suited to what would eventually become the shimmering home of nearly a million citizens. While Frankfurt may reign supreme as the nation's economic hub because of the vast amount of business that takes place there, Dusseldorf is no slouch in this realm and in fact is just under Frankfurt for the most economically important city in Germany

Other attractions for the visitor would include the town hall - or Rathausufer - dating from 1573, the Gothic Basilica of St Lambertus, and the baroque church of St Andreas. 

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