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Istanbul holidays

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Istanbul has been a part of the history of Asia Minor since the time of the earliest settlements. Its position on the Bosphorus Strait ensured and still ensures the city's huge importance in the region, and it's easy to see why Istanbul has grown (and been at the centre of conflict) for centuries.

Istanbul Holiday deals to the largest city in Turkey offer you the chance to find out more about its enthralling past - it has previously been the capital of the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine empires - so if you're something of a culture vulture there will be plenty of museums and historic sights that will enthral you.

Why not head to the City Museum? This attraction contains paintings depicting life in Istanbul during the Ottoman empire, as well as 18th and 19th century porcelain, textiles and calligraphy.

If you want to leave the crowds behind and add a little seafaring adventure to your family holiday in Turkey, climb aboard and set sail around the Golden Horn and beyond. Viewing Istanbul from the water will give you and the children a completely different take on the city. From the calm of the sea, it's hard to imagine the hive of activity contained within, and the twelve million people going about their daily lives. You will cruise past such sights as the Topkapi Palace, the Maiden's Tower, the fashionable village of Ortaky and several other Ottoman palaces. The children will love their day on the high seas and there is every chance it will be the highlight of their family holiday in Turkey.

If you want a longer break away from the city for a few days, why not go on a traditional gulet cruise? Gulets are traditional Turkish sailing boats that have usually been converted for luxury tours and tourists on holiday in Turkey. Changing gear from a city break in Istanbul to relaxing on the deck of a ship coasting through the Bosporus strait is a good way to relax for a while. You can then return to enjoy the frantic energy of the city again, refreshed and ready for more exotic sights and experiences.   

The Galata Bridge has a booming street market along with teams of fishermen. Barely a space is to be found along the upper tier as the fishermen try to capture some of the Golden horn's abundant fish stocks. Cafes, bars and seafood restaurants are to be found along the lower tier. While these businesses ply their trade here it remains a peaceful spot and ideal for quietly observing the ferries sailing along the shores.

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