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Cheap City Break in Lisbon

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Europe's most western capital, situated on the coast of Portugal, offers the perfect blend between a 21st century metropolis and a historical goldmine.

Today's Lisbon owes a lot to its historical past, which dates back to around 300,000 years and famous for bets holiday breaks in Lisbon.

On foot, by tram, from a boat ride along the river or even from underground, true underground museum of contemporary Portuguese art, all means are good to discover the cultural diversity that Lisbon offers.

Lower Lisbon
It is in Lower Lisbon that are greater movement and bustle. It is also low in the stores that are older, more traditional Lisbon.

Even today focus all business, a tradition of other times that you can still confirm the names of streets, a goldsmith in the street and the Gold and Silver Street in the tissues of Fanqueiros.

Beaches: From huge stretches of golden sand hugged by craggy honeycomb cliffs in the Algarve to small coves and rolling waves on the north and Silver coasts.

Nightlife: The Portuguese like to party so the clubs and bars are open until dawn. Spot celebs at Vilamoura's marina bars, join in the party at Lisbon's Alcantara docks or listen to haunting fado in a family-run restaurant.

Food: The Portuguese dine late and like to linger over their meals. Typical dishes include bacalhau (salted and sun dried codfish) served countless ways, caldo verde (green cabbage soup), cabrito (roast kid) and seafood cataplana (fish stew).
The major tourist destination in the country is the Algarve which is a coastline having over 100 beaches with holiday villas and the limestone cliffs along the coasts. This place is great for sunbathing and swimming. Algarve is famous for its whitewashed holiday homes and narrow streets which are cobbled up together. Portugal has high end restaurants and also locations that are very traditional.

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