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Amsterdam Travel Guide

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It probably doesn't matter if it was Amsterdam that was first called the Venice of the North or somewhere else entirely! It definitely doesn't matter to the people who live in a City that in the main has canals for streets.


With this in mind, more and more travellers are taking advantage of cheaper restaurants, hotels and flights and beginning to favour off-season holidays in Amsterdam. The city is every bit as attractive, and there are more wonderful cultural events to entertain and inspire. The cultural calendar is in full swing between September and April, with dates and locations widely available online.


Amsterdam is compact and all of the major tourist attractions, most of the hotels and everything else you might want to see can be found inside the canal's borders and this makes Amsterdam one of the smallest cities in the world.


Koninklijk Palijs

The Royal Palace on Dam square is an eye catcher in between the center's shopping area. Not only that, but did you know it stands on over 13 thousand wooden pilings driven into Amsterdam's sandy soil?


1200 Bridges

Amsterdam has more bridges than Venice. At night the lighting makes them stand out from the rest of the canal view. Be sure to have a walk in the Jordaan to enjoy them.


Amsterdam is an incredibly unique city. Not only is it considered a cultural center and a bastion of tolerance, it is also beautiful. It was built on 90 islands linked by over 400 different bridges, and this core of the city remains in the city center. Homes are built directly on the water, many of them styled like the original homes built in as early as 1500. Many homes are built near drawbridges, and incorporate the canals. In addition to the natural channels between the islands, Amsterdam also has an additional number of man-made canals that have been added over time.

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