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Have a Great Weekend in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark officially gaining that title during the 15th century. The city is also proud to be the home of the oldest monarchy in the world. A must see for any tourist going to Copenhagen is the Royal Castle Amalienborg.


Copenhagen is often evaluated to be too crowded for tourists, especially during holidays or special occasions. However, one thing critics can never take away from Denmark's capital is the elegance and uniqueness of its museums, which are the city's main tourist attraction. If you travel in Copenhagen you should not miss some of its famous museums: the Barbie Doll Museum, Museum Erotica, Bakkehus Museum, the National Museum, the Museum of Copenhagen, the Worker's Museum, and the Museum of Modern Glass Art, to name a few. These museums showcase their own treasures and collections which is a source of pride for Danish people.


You will remark that Copenhagen is still free of skyscrapers, and the old classic buildings with green roofs and many spires are covered by corrugated cobber and give Copenhagen a special charm. The public transportation system is very good with yellow busses, the subway, called the S-train, and a Metro-line, and Copenhagen is very suitable for pedestrians.


If you want to experience the night life within the city with just the best tasting beers, the Nyhavn Canal will probably be a fun and exciting encounter for its long line of bars. This particular leisure district is called the "Longest Bar in Scandinavia". Additional main points of interest that you must not overlook are the Rosenborg Castle, Freetown Christiania, Christiansborg Palace among many others.

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor - This is small, but highly distinctive and famous statue which sits on a rock in the harbor. It was created by the Edward Eriksen, and is inspired by the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid, written by Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen.

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Have a Great Weekend in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark