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We heard the news today - oh boy!

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We had never heard of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano until the day before we were due to leave Rome. We went to an internet cafe to check to make sure that British Airways staff hadn't called another strike that would affect our flight.

Everything changed from the moment we saw the headlines. At first we were in shock. We had just booked a few minutes on the computer so only had a vague understanding of what was happening. The British Airways website was still telling us that our flight was due to leave the next day. We left the internet cafe feeling uneasy, but we were still thinking that we were leaving the following day.

We tried desperately to put thoughts of travel out of our minds and enjoy our last night in Rome. We had a big celebratory meal planned. We had travelled the length of Europe in just over two weeks: we had gone from the last chills of winter in Scandinavia to the first flourishes of summer in the Mediterranean; we moved almost 1300 miles by train; six different countries and cultures and everyone of them had been memorable. But now we were ready to go home. We just weren't sure how we were going to get there.


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The Journey Home 17/4 - 19/4

Rome/Genoa/Nice/Marseilles/Paris/Le Havre/Portsmouth/Ryde