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A wet Wednesday in Lagos

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Well after a lucky 5 days of excellent and mostly sunny weather here in Lagos, today and likely the rest of the week it will be raining.  But we hope to take off this morning for nearby Silves to check out its medieval castle and church. We leave to fly back home after the drive back to Lisbon in 2 days. There Katie will part company and fly to Geneva, Switzerland to meet with her boyfriend Alex for another 2 weeks of adventures.

2 days ago we had a great time at the Lagos zoo and then at the fortress at Sagres (Prince Henry the Navigator's old haunts don't you know). The zoo was a low key affair with no big animals but a fastinating collection of primates, birds, rodents and the like.  The fortress was spectacular but windy like you wouldn't believe.

Yesterday we had a late start but did a little exploring in Faro (the capitol of the Algarve region).  We hit a number of tile (azulejo) shops along the way. Inexplicably there was a military display in the town square with humvees, green (verde?) berets, a tank and a helicopter. So don't mess with the uniformed Portuguess.

I have just learned that Katie's interest in Silves in not just cultural, but that there is a big shopping mall nearby. Where she intends to stuff any purchases (we all packed light with carry on luggage) is anyone's guess. So if we can just get Lia's lazy b**t out of bed (it's already 1030a!), we might have an adventure today. 


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