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Monday September 6, 2010


Hola mis amigos,


It’s Monday again, and time for another quick update.  Oscar is pulling his “wait til the last minute” tricks and he’s totally stressing me out.  His final paper is due at 9:00 p.m. and he’s still writing it at 8:30!!!  So, I’m trying to ease my stress and distract myself by writing this update. 

This was another uneventful week full of Oscar studying and me trying not to be a distraction.   Oscar is off of classes this week and he is almost done with all of his final projects/papers and Friday we are off to Uluru!  We can’t wait! 

Saturday was a rainy lazy day, but it was wonderful.  Oscar got out of class early and we were able to spend the afternoon together.  Since it was raining we were bums and watched movies all afternoon and ended the evening with a dark hot chocolate from the chocolate bar and a walk around Paddington. 

Sunday was the complete opposite and it was a beautiful sunny warm day!  After making us a wonderful breakfast of spinach, mushroom, and cheese eggs I decided to take my “good” camera out for a photo safari.  I just had it cleaned for our Uluru trip and I wanted to test it out and play around with it, plus I needed to leave Oscar so he could his work done.  I explored Paddington and it was really fun to stop and “see” everything that we pass everyday.  Paddington is really a beautiful part of Sydney and we really love living here.  I just posted all the pictures on Facebook a few days ago, and I’ve attached a few of my favorites for those of you without Facebook.

Anyway, it was really fun and after walking around for 2 hours I found a lovely bench on Oxford St. under a tree and read my book In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson.  If you like travel books or you are ever going to visit Australia you definitely need to read this book.  Bryson is a really funny writer and it’s a great book!  Finally, after another hour of reading/people watching on my bench I went home and cooked us a great lunch (Turkey Melts with Tomato/Basil soup and a Caprese salad… yum!).    I watched 27 Dresses as Oscar finished his schoolwork and that was the end of our week.

One last update…so, a colleague of mine is from Spain and her boyfriend is taking Spanish classes downtown, and she was telling me about it the other day… and basically I’m going to start taking Spanish classes once a week while Oscar is in school.  I’m really excited and I think it will be great for me.  I’ve been a big dork listening to my “Speak in a Week” Spanish audio course on my ipod back and forth to work all week.  I’m serious about learning it this time and that is why I’m putting it into my blog so I’m held accountable.  Maybe by the end of this year I’ll be writing in Spanish. :)


Okay, well that’s it for now!  Next week we will be sending you pictures and stories all about our trip to Uluru!  Oh, and it’s 8:45 and Oscar just submitted his paper – thank goodness (he only had a week to do it – but at least he left 15 minutes!! : )


Los queremos mucho,



Piper and Oscar


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