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Stairs and toilets are my enemies!

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August 9, 2010

 G’day POFF,

POFF = Piper & Oscar’s Fellow Followers – Since I speak in acronyms all day at work, I decided to give you all one. 

 Okay, so I know I’m being weird today… I blame it all on the City2Surf 14k race that we ran yesterday.  The reason my title of this blog is “Stairs and toilets are my enemies” is because I hate them today!  I was feeling good when I woke up this morning, but the first set of stairs and the first time I decide to go to the toilet made me realize that I was really sore! : )   (I’m sure many of you can relate what I’m talking about.) 

Anyway, yesterday we ran in the “Worlds Largest Race” in the City2Surf 14K run with 80,000 other people!  It was crazy and so much fun.  First, I’ve never seen so many people before in my life!  Thousands of people were bunched up and ready for the run.  They broke us up into groups and 18,000 people were in the red group, which was the qualifying group… so 18,000 serious runners! We were in the yellow group – the runners/joggers group – and we went 3rd behind the red and blue groups.  Finally there was an orange group for families and walkers.  I can’t really describe to you how awesome it was being a part of this.  80,000 people all met up to have a fun day of exercising.  The best part was that every kilometer or so there was entertainment, including Elvis, a heavy metal rock band, a bag pipe player and a jazz band, to name a few!  We also saw people dressed in ape suits, as fairies, girls wearing their underwear on the outside of their clothes, and many more entertaining costumes.  The worst part of the race was “heart break hill” which was about 3 kilometers straight up!  I am a native Floridian and this was NOT fun!  It is actually the longest part of the race that I decided to walk.  I was impressed with myself because I ran/jogged the rest of it!  Oscar did great and ran the entire way.  We will have our times tomorrow so if we aren’t too embarrassed we’ll let you know how we did : ).  The race ended in beautiful, famous Bondi Beach and finally after searching for Oscar for 30 minutes we met up and ate a BBQ lunch on the beach. So, yesterday was the highlight of this week.  Actually, it’s about all I can remember from this past week. 

Oh, a few more important updates…today Oscar started his first day of work with Expedia.  It was fun to pretend like I’m not madly in love with him at work : )  My second and most important update is for Stephen.  Today I FINALLY tried a Vegemite Sandwich!!!  Actually it was more like Vegemite on toast with butter.  After talking to Jill this morning and Stephen asking about the Vegemite sandwich a co-worker of mine was having it for breakfast and let me try.  Everyone kept warning me that I would hate it, but I actually liked it! Now, I only tried a little bit with butter, but I’m told that’s how you have to eat it.  It’s salty and it’s really good for you.  I guess it’s mostly Vitamin B.

So, I guess it’s official; I’m turning into an Aussie! 


Piper and Oscar


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