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Oscar is employed!

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Hola chicas y chicos,


It’s Monday night again and Oscar is at class, so it’s time for a quick update.  We have had another great week and on Sunday we celebrated not only Luisa’s Birthday, but also our one-month anniversary of living in Sydney!  Oh, the time sure has flown by.  In a way we feel like we’ve been here much longer, but on the other hand it seems like just yesterday we were arriving at the Sydney airport with no clue of what was to come of this next year!  Now we are settled in our tiny, cute apartment, I’ve been working for almost a month at Expedia AU, Oscar is discovering the hard work that will be involved in gaining his Master’s in Marketing, and Oscar FINALLY got a job!  (jk, I kinda liked being Oscar’s sugar mama).  Actually, Oscar will start work next Monday at Expedia!  Egencia, the corporate side of Expedia, was hiring a part time position, and it worked out perfectly for Oscar’s schedule.  I thought I wasn’t going to get to see Oscar very much since he’s got classes at night and on Saturday and I’m working M-F, but now we will get to see each other a bit more and get to walk home from work together on Tuesday nights and back and forth on Thursdays!  

Anyway, Oscar had his first Saturday class this past weekend and so I found myself wondering around Paddington market, checking out our cute Paddington Library (where we discovered we can check out free DVD’s – which is great since we don’t have TV!) and eventually meeting up with a friend of ours, Susan.  I don’t think I’ve told you about Susan.  She’s this really nice lady we actually met on the plane on the way here.  I sat next to her and she was so friendly and helpful and so sweet that the first week we were here she took us out to dinner!  She’s a personal trainer, full of energy and really fun to be around.  So, on Saturday she met me and we went shopping up and down Oxford St. in Paddington.  The first store we went into had a cotton grey t-shirt for $175.00, so I knew at that point I wasn’t in any danger of spending any money!  It was fun to browse and pretend we could afford anything in the shops…haha.  She also took me to her favorite chocolate shop – this cute, hole in the wall shop off the main street – and it had the most amazing chocolates!  After that she took me to one of her spinning classes that she teaches in Darling Harbour.  I had to sneak into the gym with her, but it was an amazing facility and she is a great spinning teacher (I’m going to try to go with her next Sat too).  Oscar and I met after the class and we decided to treat ourselves to a good dinner.  There are hundreds of amazing restaurants within 15 min walk of us so it’s always easy to find something good.  This time we decided to eat at a restaurant called The Balkan and we had a great Seafood platter and chicken/mushroom risotto, yummy!  

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Coogee Beach to start our run on the Eastern Beaches walkway.  It was a beautiful day and a hard run, up and down hills and stairs, but we couldn’t help but stop along the way and take more amazing pictures.  The water was crystal clear, Caribbean color blue, and just spectacular (see photos).  We ran all the way to Bondi Beach and then had a wonderful picnic lunch on the grassy hill overlooking Bondi Beach.  All day long we both kept saying that we couldn’t believe we lived here!  Sydney is such a wonderful city and it has the best of everything.  We really have fallen in love and we really feel at home here (if only all the people we loved lived here it would be!) 

Overall it was a great week!  Next weekend we have the 14K City to Surf race.  It starts in Hyde Park, in the city, and ends at Bondi Beach.  My goal is to jog the entire way.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to report that I did in my next update – and hopefully I’ll be able to walk next Monday too!


Missing you all,


Piper and Oscar


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Living Down Under

Sydney, Australia