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 Hello All,


It’s Monday night again, and I’ve decided that Monday nights will be my blog nights.  Oscar is at school (his first class actually because last week’s classes were canceled at the last minute) and this is a good time for me to reflect on the previous week.  So… where shall I start.   Oscar is still looking for a job and I continue to enjoy my commute to work each day.  We had heard that Thursday nights were “shopping nights” in Sydney and it’s true!  All the stores stay open an extra hour or two each Thursday night, so Oscar and I decided to be “real” Aussies and do our grocery shopping on Thurs. nights… haha.  We are really enjoying our little kitchen here and having fun discovering the new foods and items that are available here.  Other than the OJ, we’ve been able to find good or better substitutes for the foods we like to eat and only a few household items that I can’t find and that I really miss (Q-tips – the brand, and of course my family’s famous toothpaste Aim – with baking soda haha).  So, if anyone is compelled to send a package we’d love some of those ;).


On Friday night we decided to lay low and do some research on the trips we want to take this year.  We already had an idea, but now that we know Oscar’s class schedule we were able to tentatively plan them out.  Basically, we HAVE to go to Western Australia (where we can swim with the Whale Sharks), The Great Barrier Reef and Whitsunday Islands, Melbourne and The Great Ocean Drive, The Outback (Uluru), The Blue Mountains, Fiji, and New Zealand.  We would also love to go to Tasmania and many other places, but it’s just too much to do it all in one year!  We are very excited to go on these trips and share them with a few of you!  


We also spent most of Saturday morning planning our trips and Skyping with our families.   We then walked to Bondi Junction and had an amazing seafood lunch at the food court in the mall… now I know what you’re thinking…seafood in the mall food court – probably gross, but it was amazing!  Honestly, we think the food is so much better here.  We got a Seafood skewer with shrimp, salmon, and Michelle’s favorite – scallops.  It was made fresh and it was great!  I think American’s have a lot to learn when it comes to our food  - almost all places here serve salads with sandwiches – not chips aka fries and we think most things here are just prepared so much healthier.  Anyway, we then walked to and through Centennial Park.  It is beautiful and we plan on going back there many times – it’s a huge park with beautiful trees and a great place to run.  We then checked out the Entertainment Quarter across the street.  They had a Saturday market (like every suburb here), movie theaters, and tons of shops and cafes.  We will definitely be back to those to places.  Finally, we decided to lay low again and come home and continued planning our trips! 


Sunday was also a great day!  It was a beautiful sunny day and we decided that we needed to run a long distance to prepare for the race so went to run in the Domain and The Botanic Gardens.  This area is awesome!  The Domain is a large grassy area where they hold concerts and have fields that are very active in the summer.  The Botanic Gardens are beautiful!  We ran around that area and checked out all the different species of plants and trees.   This area also has the most perfect view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge (we’ve decided that this is where we should go to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve!).   After running for a while and ending our run like Rocky by running up the Opera House steps : ) we headed to The Rocks, were they had their annual Aroma Festival.  It was so much fun.  There were tons of vendors all selling delicious coffee, chocolates, and sweets from all over the world!


Finally, we walked home (I think we walked/ran at least 15 miles this weekend) and went to our favorite grocery store down the road to pick up dinner.  Oscar and I made the best dinner – Burgers with mushrooms, onions, and Swiss cheese served with green beans and potatoes (see the photo Oscar took)!  It was yummy!  We topped off the day with some caramel fudge ice cream and a chai latte (that we got at the festival).  The perfect end to a perfect weekend!


Well, that’s it for now.  I hope you are enjoying my blogs and we hope to share some of these adventure with some of you when you come to visit!




Piper and Oscar


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