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two day journey of eugene

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Eugene is a city in Oregon that is best known for being the home of the University of Oregon. This city has some small hills called as butte. These places are good for hiking and some are good for rock climbing. The people who love these sports would like to go to these places.

There is a small butte in north of downtown. This place was shooted in the movie animal house. You can do hiking at this place. You can also do the rock climbing at the basalt columns on the butte. I also enjoyed the hiking and rock climbing on these sites. Although this is a very tiring task but if you love doing this then you will enjoy a lot from this. Many other people like me were enjoying this task of rock climbing or hiking. Take care of your skin by applying sun protection cream and take a lot of water with you other wise sun will leave you thirsty.  Rock climbing and hiking left me tired so I decided to come back to the hotel in which I stayed. This hotel was among the some of the very fine hotels in Eugene.

Eugene is also famous for the sky diving. Both beginners and experts would love to go to these places. Experts are available for the assistance of the learners. I don’t know much about sky diving so I learned sky diving from the expert of sky diving. This was a very adventurous task. I enjoyed a lot from that. I spent all my day in enjoying sky diving. After that I was much tired from this and I returned back from there to my Hilton Eugene hotel. I had my dinner and I went to sleep. The next day I returned back to my home city by my car. It took me few hours. This journey is somewhat special to me and I think that it is difficult to forget this journey.        


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hiking, rock climbing and sky diving in eugene

eugene, United States
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