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Ok so I know that my trip to Nepal was in October, however, I don't think that everyone got a chance to look at my pictures so here they are.


The trip was absolutely amazing!!


The trip started at the airport in LA where my ticket was actually forgotten so Brent had to talk with the people at the desk to let me get on the plane.  Since the tickets were all via email they were able to find me and I was able to board the plane.  Was a bit worried at first especially since a couple nights before I had a dream that when I got to the airport Brent asked whay I was the airport since he had emailed me that I was not going to be able to go on the trip....but was sure glad when I was actually on the plane.    We flew from LA to Bangkok, in Bangkok we were only able to hang out in the airport but what an airport it was.  In Kathmandu we stayed at a hotel that I was told was nicer than the previous trips but due to the Maoist protests we had to stay there for security reasons, our hotel had guards all around.  But it was a really nice hotel and was nice to be able to get off jet lag there.  The next morning we took of to the west in a little village called Dhungadi.  We had to fly there on a little 19 seater called Buddha Air.  The plane was not pressurized and when they got ready tot ake off the gave us cotton balls for our ears.....was an experience to say the least.  In Dhungadi we stayed at a hotel unlike any of us had ever stayed in before.  We had to sleep with nets around us so that the mosquitos and othe bugs would not eat us alive.......though I did get eaten prety bad but mostly by fire ants...thank God for my malaria pils!
While in the west we also went to two other villages to visit with the promised children.  Promised children are the kids that are sponsored out there by the group that I went with to make sure that they get clean water, food and clothes.  First we went to the Kamiaya village, this is a village filled with former slaves who were bought by Promised Children (also the name of the group I traveled with) so that they could have a fresh start at life.  We went to a church service that they held ont he first day where I was given a 2 minute nothice that I would be sharing my testimony in front of the couple hundred people that were there.  Man was that nerve racking....I got through it without crying though I was told that I sounded like I was about to break into tears at any point and I was shaking like a leave.......but at least I got through it.  This would the first of many times where I was forced to step outside of  my comfort zone, but each time the Lord blessed the situation.
The next morning was the first morning of the pastor and pastors wife conference that we put on.  They came from all over Nepal, most of them came by riding their bikes.  They would fit their whole families on one bike, usually 4 to a bike and they would ride like this for hours.  Some rode for about 6 hours like this.  We also had 2 men that came from India, they traveled 18 hours to attend, they travled by train but mostly by foot it took them 4 days to get there for a 2 day conference.  This is their only oppurtunity to be able to sit and get fed by the Lord.  The first day we had everyone together and then the 2nd day we split up the men and women and then Tonielle and I took the kids to do a VBS.  With the help of Yamima (translator) we were able to teach the kids 2 songs.  We taught them Waves of Mercy and Father Abraham and the hand motions that went along with the songs and then Yamima taught them a song in Nepali.  For craft time we werent sure what to do as we were asked the night before to teach them.  So I had seen some empty water bottles and told the kids to each get one and to put rocks in them and then decorate them with some stickers that we brought.  We had them practice using their shakers whiel singing the songs that we taught them. That night the preformed the songs for their parents.  They had never before seen their kids perform and the moms were standing on their tip toes and crying as they watched their kids sing.  Later that night to close out the conference we had a foot washing ceremony.  I was not sure how I would do as I have a huge foot phobia but it was actually probably the most humbling thing to ever do.  While we washed the feet of these people we were praying for them and then awhen we got finsihed some of the leaders came and asked to wash our feet and to pray for the Lord to work in our lives and whatever ministries that He has called us to.  To be honest never once while I washing their feet did I even remember that I had this phobia I was just honoured to be able to pray and partake in their ministries.....it was truly a blessing!  While at the conference at one of our group meetings we were all asked how we were feeling, I had been feeling kinda bummed because I had felt like I really didnt have any part in the trip.  Nancy told me that she had been blessed by me as I was the servant on the trip she said that I did everything that was asked of me without complaining and more importantly with a smile on my face.  She said that my role was the most important the servant.  Then Bob had told me that while we were at the foot wasjing ceremony he had looked up at me and seen me washing someones feet and praying for them and he got a picture of the Lord the night before He was crucified when He was washing the feet of His disciples and he saw me as a servant.  How amazing the Lord  is here I am feeling like I had no part in the trip and was wondering what I was doing on this trip and come to find out that I was blessing the people I was traveling with without even knowing it.
The next morning we went to village of Geta one last time to see the kids that we had met whether they be part of promised child or just locals within the village.  It was amazing to see these kids, they literally have nothing but yet they are the happiest kids you will ever come in contact with.  The simpliest thing means the world to them whether it be giving them a sticker and showing them how to take it and put it onto a paper or giving them a jump rope, crayons and colour books or candy....it was as if we were Santa and they dont even know who that is, but you get the point.  One of the little girls invited Eric and myself into her home where she and her mom made us tea and milked their water buffalo and gave us the milk straight from the buffalo (man is that sweet milk),  It was there that I was able to share the Lord with the little girl and her mom, the mom siad she would love to come to church but without her husbands consent she is unable to do so.  Her little girl does go on Sundays and loves.  We had put on a church service their a couple days before the sevice was 3 hours long and the 700 people that came jsut sat there and soaked in everything and never once complained about the heat or anything.  We did have some who gave their hearts to the Lord I would say about 100 of them did.  It was jsut amazing, I thinkt here what stood out to me the most was how they were able to sit there and not compalin or anything when we start to get antsy after and hour and what to know when the pastor is going to get down so we can get on with our day.  Man how we could learn from them.
When flying back on Buddha Air the pilot knew it was all Americans so he flew us about 40 minutes off track to take us right by Everest.  Man how the Lord blessed us....the view was amazing!
Later we headed back to Kathmandu.  We were not able to go into India afterall due to the protests so we went back to Kathmandu.  We werent sure if we were going to be able to get in any shopping or touristy things because of the protests as the whole country is shut down due to them.  But the Lord wanted to bless us and the when we woke we found out that the protest was off ofr that day so we were able to go shopping and see some sights.  We went to Monkey Temple, a Buddhist temple and walk around and see a breathtaking view of Kathmandu.  We did see some monkeys, I was fine until one starting come towards me and then me with my fear of wild animals I took off!!  While shopping we saw lots of beggars mostly children who are actually pimped out and we are told to not feel bad if you have to kick them off of you but to not give them anything as they dont benefit from it, we also saw leppers I had never seen one before.  We later went to theTibetian region and did some more shopping and then to another Buddhist temple. It amazes me when watching these people worship their gods how devoted they are in their worship and how sincere they are and yet it is hopeless.  They cant just go and talk to their god when they want they first have to go and ring a  bell and either wake them up or get their attention....what freedom we have in serving the true God that we can just go to Him whenever and wherever we want.  How we need to serve the Lord like they serve their gods, we need that devotion and not to care who is looking or what others may think but to just worship Him.  The next morning we got up and went up to the Himalayas for the day.  We went up to the top but not without many stops on the way there. At the top we ate at a restaurant that gives an amazing view of Mt Everest.  I also ate mutton there which tasted like a meatloaf sandwich though I quickly and I do mean quickly found out that it was not fully cooked. 
Now for some of the funny stories.....I guess you can call them that!  We decided that the only way to ride in Nepal was to ride in the luggage rack on the jeeps.  Though I think the locals found it funny when all of us girls were on the luggage racks and the men were inside the jeeps....except Eric he rode on the side hanging onto the luggage rack.  Yes there was plenty of room inside the jeeps, but now what fun would that be?  Wehad some interesting rides....first would be when the wind blew my skirt up over my head and so the Nepali men walking on the streets got a nice show and I got to turn many many shades of red and hear whistles and cat calls.  On one of the rides it felt like were on an amusement park ride as we were going all over the place at one point the jeep was tipping and Eric jumped off so that it wouldnt completely tip.  While riding Toni and I had M16s pointed at us as we rode past a military base.. wouldnt be the only time I came in contact with one.  The next time would be when Eric and I were riding in the rickshaws and we wanted to take a picture....well it turns out that when you are anywhere near the palace that you arent able to take pictures....so our rickshaw got turned around and we were met outside the palace by a guard and his friendly M16.  Well me not knowing what to do I was laughing, shaking and trying not to cry (dont laugh at a guard with and gun) finally they took my camera and after they looked through the pictures and saw that we hasnt taken pictures of the palace they let us go.  While in a taxi cab on the way to shop we were rear ended...we were lucky that was all with the way they drive there.  They are absolutely crazy drivers cant even begin to explain it. 
Out translators on the trip were the Sharma family, an amazing family in Kathmandu and Pankaj(pronounced Punk-us). The leader of the Sharma family is Dr Rongkong, he actually introduced the educational system into Nepal and his family were the 1st people in Nepal to become Christians. Pankaj runs the school of worship there.  They all have amazing hearts to serve the Lord, and I ask that you please pray for them as the go forth in the ministries that the Lord has given them and as they oversea all of Nepals christian churches.  Also please be in prayer for all the leaders that were at the conference they are all so young and have alot on their plates as they all work together to try and bring Nepal to know the truth of Jesus.
For those of you that are wondering about the pictures of  me and with the picture that I am holding in some of the pictures.  My friend Hydie wanted to come on the trip but wasnt able to so we took this picture and blew it up and I took it with me so she was able to come along with me.  Yes I know we are crazy but we had fun and came everyone a good laugh.
Once again thank you to everyone for your support and making this trip possible!!!  I am sorry it took so long to get this out was trying to email you all a video of me talking about the trip but have been having difficulites.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my trip.  Please pray for mea s I pray about whether or not to go on the trip again next year.


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