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a trip in Valtournenche

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I arrived in Chatillon in the night of sunday.
When the following morning I woke up, the valley in front of me was wonderful.
I started driving towards Breuil Cervinia, to take the ropeway and reach the Plateau Rosa, 3500m.
On the way, I made a stop at the Lac de Mayen. Once arrived at Cervinia I took the ropeway in three parts: the first one to reach Plan Maison, the secon one to reach, from there, Laghi Cime Bianche, the last to arrive on the top, at the glacier, in Switzerland. (from the Swiss part, read the journal of that album). On the way to the Plateau Rosa, from the ropeway, a wonderful view of the Goillet lake, that was iced.
After having spent some time there, I came back with the ropeway to Laghi Cime Bianche.
From there I started walking towards Plan Maison, after about one hour walking I took again the ropeway to come back to Cervinia.
After a walk in the centre of the village, I took the car again, to go and visit Chamois (watch the album and read the journal there) and I had a stop at the Lac the Perreres (not iced!!!) where I could sunbath a little bit (in swim suite!!).
After a stop in Chamois, I reached Saint Vincent and from there I took the way back, to Milan.


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la valtournenche, il Monte Cervino e Il monte Rosa

Chatillon, Breuil Cervinia, Plan Maison, Moulin, Italy,Italy