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San Antonio and Dallas

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The train journey was a long one, but to be honest the 32 hours went ok, met some alrite people on the train, got told on things to do in san antonio. and it was generally a chilled out journey. Apart from one incident where this women at 2 in the morning crashed into me as she wanted to open our curtains!!!! no joke she was mental. after a bit of a slaggin match i was called a jack ass and she cudnt believe that we cud shut our curtains if she wanted them open!! madness. in the 32 hours i also now no how to play sudoku, so that was fun lol. desperate times.

arrived in san antonio at midnite, and got in a taxi, as no buses running, basically told the txi driver to take us to the travel lodge down town, he then kept recommending this place outside town, and we were like no!! he stil ended up takin us outside town. ended up at diff travelodge!!! but were very helpful and ended stayin there, lost booking and money for other place but never mind, taxi driver def took advantage, next time we will no exact address!!! but was lush stayin in a travel lodge rather than hostel for at least one nite.

got up in the morning and went to san antonio nd had to wait an hour a\for a bus in 100 degree heat was mental. but met a nice local dude who helped us with the bus timetable and gave us directions to downtown. when eventually got to town, went and saw the alamo and the river walk. went up the america tower, which was banter and very weird, but was gd to be a tourist. got lunch/dinner at a texas steak house place. was lush, the texas beer not amazing, was pretty much watered down carling. but had to try it. then went to pay phone and sorted out amtrak trains, then took bout half an hour tryin to find other bus stop!! in the end missed bus so decided to go and watch the lakers-celtics game.

Sadly the celtics lost, met a couple matt and samanta i think, from fort worth in dallas. chilled with them for a few hours, then left to walk back to there car. then disaster. we are walking along the river walk, and i first stumbled on my flip flops. managed tp stay up but then went again after missing out some steps, and my rite leg just hit the floor flat. and no more walking for me, as i said luckily the people we were with had a car so they drove us to our hostel. from there got a taxi to hospital. where had x ray and saw a doc, who was well chilled. they were really helpful there. but had bad news, heel bone broken two places, and the side of my foot had a broken bone as well :-(. worst case thing now is that will need a pin in my foot for the meta tarsal but hopefully not. after over 6 hours in hospital. got on train to dallas, not the wisest thing iv ever done, but painkillers were still ok. but after bout an hour, it ran out and i was in agony, not cool. so got to dallas. and had to find a hospital, then waited hours and hours, without medication so not cool. eventually seen after bout 4 hours, and got some well deserved morphine and the nurses where well nice and took sympathy, managed to get a taxi voucher to hostel as well, as taxi wud be bout 100 dollars. so that was nice of them. got more pain killers before i left so i pretty much dont remember gettin to the hostel or the taxi ride :-)

gd times. so basically at the mo, my life is in limbo, iv just been chillin in irving, texas. watchin football and basketball. rents coming out today so will be nice to c them . and will c what happens in next few days, will be moving prob to downtown, to hotel with them i presume, but not sure. ben not sure what he doing, feel bad, as he not sure whether to go on or stay. as i can catch him when im walking agian. but can understand his nervousness. hopefully ill heal soon.thanks to everyone for the messages, miss u all and its been hard the last few days, so thanks for the support. if i do come back for a couple of weeks, ill let u all know. xxxx


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