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The last few days in LA

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The last few days been quality, we been tryin to do as many things as we cud before we left, not quite sure what i last put, sorry if i end up repeating my self. Over the last few days we met more people in our hostel, some chilled english guys from preston, gd to talk bout football with, was the start of the euros champs yesterday so that was all gd. also a weird dutch guy, fairly annoying but i suppose he ok, i just wanna do say the grolsch advert to him, but dont think he wud appreciate it lol.

a few days ago, we went on a bit of a walking mission, and strolled down sunset blvd, didnt make it to the main street as is miles away but went and got frozen yogurt from a place which was lush. also met a random girl from michagan, who was sent out from her work to get ice cream lol,hence the reason for ice cream, seemed like a gd idea at the time until it started melting in the ridiculous heat. people keep coming upto us and asking for directions, we are possibly the worst people to ask lol. but people are so friendly out here, two days in arow, have now met people on a bus or just by walking. and most people are actually not from LA.

also went bowling, so different over here, but so much better, get waiter service on ur lane, rates are cheaper and the lanes and balls so much nicer.

yesterday went to venice beach, and saw the baywatch lifeguards nd muscle beach, met a girl from vancouver on the bus and now have a place to stay in vancouver which is awesome for us lol. if ever happens tho, as dont want to impose. got a bit sun burnt and stupidly played on the rings and ropes, so no muscles hurt but had to be done. in the evening went to watch 'the strangers' which was an awesome film, and we got to sit in the main theatre which is where all the main premieres are held. u have so much leg room and the chairs recline, all for cheaper than an odeon ticket madness. freaky little film, but a gd watch. and now we have packed up and checked out and are just waitin to board our train, which we will be on for 32hours, mental i no, but is taking us half way across the country, so i suppose i sud go, cant afford to miss the train, have funx


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