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The new route across North America

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Due to the amtrack system being slightly more complicated than first thought, and due to un fore seen events, we are still in la and will be to sunday, the new route is as follows, still all gd tho, as still visiting loads of places, and is blats goin to tire us out but never mind, its all experience.

La-san antonio 9th-10th -dallas 11th-13th -st louis 13th-14th -chicago 15th-17th-milwaukee 17th-18th-buffalo 19th-20th-boston 21st-24th-new york 24th-26th-philli 26th-27th -washington dc 27th-2nd and then poss upto new york again, then on to toronto and then begins the canada trip will start on the 7th of june but we will be there on the 6th.

and by the way booking hostels for all these places is a nite mare by the way, but gd times. hope everyone back home doing ok, and will keep u all informed about our progress and photos. xxx



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