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stuck in LA

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Well crazy story this....Ben and I are actually stuck in LA...well until Sunday at least....but before i explain why here is a catch up of last few days.....

I left the last blog saying here comes San DIego but that night the 3rd ben and I went to Hooters in LA and started drinking...now im thinking ive already said this, basically got drunk, then spent all day yesterday sleeping, feeling groggy, popped to the supermarket woop woop and then discovered we couldnt find anywhere to stay in San Diego. So decided to stay extra night in LA. We had passed a bloke handing out tickets to Deal Or No Deal during the day and when we knew we were staying an extra night we thought...why not? So this morning we got up at 7am and made our way to Culver City Studios where we arrived at 9am got briefed on what was going to happen then saw 3 episodes of the new show being filmed....very different to the UK one. You can guess what it was like, more lights than the whole of Las Vegas, cheesy presenter called Howie, models walking around, more money and the way they describe the show is 'Deal Or No Deal on Fast Food'...literally its fast fire rounds which is much better than the UK lets drag this rubbish out for an hour. Anyway it was a laugh went on too long we froze to death but we managed to tell everyone in the crowd we were from the UK yeah!!!!!!! And we managed to get there without getting lost!!! Then we got back went to the main Amtrak station thankfully we did and found out that the next train to San Antonio was fully booked unless we wanted to pay $444 for a sleeper cabin, (the most basic kind as well) so instead we leave sunday on 32 hour train journey in standard class...good times!!! hmm yet to be seen, but we will keepliving it up in LA until then!!!!


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