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The start: LA

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So finally arived in LA after being on the plane for 13 hours, 2 of which sat on the tarmac in Heathrow sweating my arse off. Eventually got to the Hollywood International Hostel though where we have stayed for past 2 nights and leave tomorrow. Great location, right outside where everything is happening. Jack Black and Adam Sandler have been here while we have although we failed to realise they were here lol.

First night we wondered a bit went to Snow WHite bar for beer and burger then went bed at 9.30pm although to be far we had been up for practically 13 hours and were jet lagged to hell.

Next day we had the great idea of heading to Long Beach, which although doesnt look far on a map, we soon realised was miles away as we were still on the metro an hour later. Finally we got there though at around 8.30am yes thats right we were hardcore and got up at 6am, showered and were out the door by 7.30 after brekky...2 bits of toast. Wearing just shorts and a t-shirt the weather was hot in LA but stepping off in Long Island we realised what a mistake we had made as it was overcast and we therefore froze our buts off. We went in search of the aquarium though as we had seen a sign on the train and thought would be something different. Eventually we found it...took a while but was worth it as saw sharks, octupus, jelly fish and NEMO!!!! We left around 11am to go to the beach. This is the funny would have thought Long Beach would mean that the 'BEACH' part would be easy to find....ummm guess again. After asking a lady in the shop where the beach was and being asked if we wanted a telephone we realised that even though we are in America, English isnt necessarily the language of choice lol. Miles of walking later though there it was Long Beach miles and miles of sand and freezing Pacific water. By this time the sun was beating down and with no sun tan lotion yes we left it behind we decided to play hackie sack...which we suck at.

Finally a bit  hot we left to go to Hooters bar for the true 'american' experience. That it was although the food sucked the service was hmmmm 'nice' will explain all. FInally we left to go home and eventually got back. I hadnt been feeling great but we decided to head out after making a few friends yay friends, however, they left that night lol good times. But we headed out to...yes you guessed it...HOOTERS...Im thinking this may be an obsession :). We were only going to have a couple until we got talking to 4 English guys who asked if we were 'on the lash' yes they were army and yes we decided we were on the lash. Cocktails and pitchers of beer later we were heading to a club called AREA!!! This was on the advice of McKenzie our waitress that night. The place was high class though and we were told $100 dollars a head to get in...hmmm....we played the army card and in we went for free. Crazy dancing, shots and more drink later we somehow got taxi home, collapsed and here i am today feeling slightly worse for wear but so far loving the experience. Now on to San Diego.....


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