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A note on the blog

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Hi all,

First of all, thanks for reading these journals etc.  When thousands of miles from home, it means a lot when the 'visits' counter keeps ticking up to know that I haven't been forgotten.  Furthermore, thanks to the many people who have emailed to say how much they enjoy reading it.  Most of it seems pretty unstructured and stream-of-consciousness to me, but it's good to know that people like it.  Furtherfurthermore, thanks for general emails about life in the UK.  Please keep them coming.  I reply to what I can but if I don't, I still liked receiving it and please take my blog entries as my reply of what I'm up to. 

I have finally brought the photos up to date.  It's been a mammouth task as the internet connections here are both painfully slow and keep crashing.  Also, everything has to be re-ordered after it's loaded to get it all in sequence.  I have additionally added 120 photos from Susanna of the Nadaam (when my camera battery died) and from Mel of the horse riding (so they include pictures of me rather than just everyone else).  Both sets are excellent so, if you haven't seen them already and even if you have, I thoroughly recommend going through them all again in the proper order etc. 

I'm due into China on 3rd August so that means one more blog entry to cover the time in Ulaan Baatar between that and the horse trek.  Thereafter, I'm going to create a new 'trip' on here as the photos are getting a bit unmanageable in one single repository. 

All the best,



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Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia