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Home to Dreamland : Orlando

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After spring season, we went to Orlando city for exploring, which was 800 miles far from our city. We live in Memphis city. Thus, by airplane reached to this wondering city with my family. It was awesome trip because in a trip we will get many outstanding explore specially Disneyland and Seaworld.

On Orlando city, we made hotel reservations for one week. Before reservations to room in Orlando hotels find out best hotel deals locations and after got this make reservations. Hilton Orlando was where reserved room.

It was evening time when reached that’s wondering place and by help of taxi departed to our hotel. Both of them were so hungry and tired about travel thus refresh him and then went to a restaurant, which was nearby of hotel. After ate meals came out from there for short walk. After walk came back to hotel room for sleeping because next morning we will go to Disneyland.

Next morning my wife and me ready for Disneyland adventure but first ate breakfast and moved toward there. And a short drive reached that’s adventure place disneyland. Bought tickets for entrance and entertainment of rides but first by walk find some best explore there then after took few rides. that was offering best explore. We enjoyed to place very well and after dinning of Disneyland came back hotel.

Next day also came here to take again adventure and whole day watched their remain places and adventure. We didn’t want to miss out any exploring places of Disneyland and Orlando city. After two days, stunning explorations came to hotel with lots of adventure with more tired ness but we were happy.

Near About 8 pm went to Outlet malls of Orlando, which name was Orlando Premium Outlets, which was home to biggest designers such as Coach, Armani etc and found some thing good for us. By bargain, ways can be takes here products. Both of them purchased many items by bargain. My wife was so happy about shopping.

After dinner, came back to cheap hotel room of Hilton hotel.

Orlando third day decided to get more adventure therefore went for eco safaris at forever Florida. Those tours explored 4700 acres of forest wild life and adventure natural conservation and preserve area. During that’s tour watched many birds, panther (which was to far from us), and black bear one forest range. Next day continued that adventure tour with safari guided men’s with horse backing. That’s day tour to that’s conservations park was fabulous. After safari tour made small reptile alligator tour.

Next day went to Seaworld. There saw sharks, dolphins, seal, sea lions and many other species along with whale shows, with dolphins shows. That day was so nice for us.

Next few days, we explored to Sea world Adventure Park Orlando, universal Orlando resort, Aquatica, and holy land.

Over all we were so happy about Orlando tour. It was majestic and exploring city for us.





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