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Ft. Lauderdale Give a lots Explorations Surrounding their Landmarks: Friends Travel experience

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After a long time, we visited to Ft. Lauderdale with my two other friends. Before to leave out city, firstly, we searched beach side hotels in Ft. Lauderdale but couldn’t get it at beachfront side thus just one mile distance from beach got Marriott Ft, Lauderdale hotel at budget then reserved them at discount rates.

By plane arrived to Hollywood international airports of Ft, Lauderdale, which is only two miles far from our hotel. A short drive by taxi picked to this beautiful cheap hotels in Ft Lauderdale.
We were so glad about journey of city. We reached to Ft. Lauderdale city without any problem at 2 O’clock. All of guys were so excited about watching beaches of city.

 Then drop it our luggage’s and came back to outside of Hotel after refresh with shower and coffee. Picked trolley for beach and arrived to there just minutes because it was not far from the hotel only one mile.

When saw to beach then forgot every tired ness of travel. Huge big beach was more excitement and overwhelming actions to be found there. I had known that our trip was being best for us in next few days.

Walked on water of beach for long distance with my friend. All of them were so happy to saw beautiful beach. I was so exciting about this trip.

After walked sited onsite beach and watching surrounding tourists activities but still going slow in evening time. After sunset came back to inside market places, which was famous for their outstanding restaurants, shops and dinning.

Dinning over there was so delicious. After ate our dinner came back to our rooms.

Next day arrived to beach 10 O’clock. Dressed himself and took beach adventure such as swimming, snapshots taking, wind surfing views, sun bath etc.

After sunset came to hotel and soon departed again towards Riverfront for drinking and found that portions was collections of the Stores and bars. Choose one of them for drinking and enjoyment.

Next day, went for long deep-water sea fishing, sightseeing. I was knew that Ft. Lauderdale is famous for there beaches and boats thus our next exploring place was boats place where had chosen a boats for exploring to deep water sea and fishing too.

It was nice experience over there and full day had gone how? we didn’t understand. That’s was the majestic and very terrific time for us.

Voodoo Lounge was our next day most popular club and enjoyment over there was fabulous for us. We were so glad about that’s tour.

Next day departed to Oakland Park for Music, drinking and food. Ate there meals till explode time. It was very terrific place to Ft Lauderdale city.

But 5day was overwhelming for us because went to sailing tour by Discovery cruise lines at morning time 7:45 and returned 10pm in night. However, experienced of cruises lines was fabulous because saw deep water sea spectacular views, which didn’t see elsewhere. Skyline of city was fabulous. Dinning over Cruises too delicious, specially style to serve.

We all time saw the sea and refresh air. We took outstanding explore over there.

Next few days, took another attractions such as shopping, street fun, few unseen places too saw and after took best exploring came back to home all three friends.


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