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wonderful journey to san antonio

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There are lots of places to see in san Antonio but I would like to mention some of them which are as following

Blue star arts complex- This huge former warehouse changed its tune when it was renovated and now houses a small but distinctive group of contemporary and non-traditional art studios and galleries. Many of these display well-known artists, but they also give recognition and opportunity to lesser-known local artisans. Besides art galleries and studios, you will also find a brewpub, a theater and living spaces. Blue Star tenants provide activities throughout the year that are fun for families and adults. However, you don't have to do the planned activities - just show up and browse.

Market square- The historical center and heart of the city's Mexican culture, the square is the largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico. Here you can dine on Mexican food at one of several cafes, enjoy the lively sounds of Mariachi bands, and buy the wonderful blankets, clothes, leather and metal goods, and more imported from just south of the border. The square plays host to many cultural events and fairs throughout the year, including Fiesta del Mercado (Party of the Market) in April and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in November. For lodging select only cheap hotels in the city. As they offer great discount to the tourists at cheap prices.

Alamo- Originally the Mission San Antonio del Valero, the Alamo is by far the most famous historical site in Texas, playing a significant role in Texas' quest for independence from Mexico. Under the command of Col. WilliamTravis, 189 Texan soldiers bravely defended this fort for 13 days before finally succumbing to Santa Anna's massive Mexican army in early 1836. The chapel and the Long Barrack are all that remain of the fort. Saved from civilian apathy by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the mission is now a museum containing relics from the era. Texans take the Alamo very seriously. Silence, or at least a hushed tone of voice, is insisted upon both in the chapel and on the grounds.

Eisenhower park- Located in northwest San Antonio, EisenhowerPark is a great place to go to get away from the noise and hurried pace of city life. The park spans 318 acres and offers approximately five miles of well-marked trails for hikers of all abilities. One of the trails is even paved, and is therefore friendly to those in wheelchairs who still want to experience the great outdoors. Because this is such a high volume park, and also due to the scorching South Texas summers, the best time to see the wildlife here is either early in the morning or near dusk. Visitors may spot white-tailed deer, armadillos, raccoons and skunks, as well as many unique insects. Not the biggest or the best, EisenhowerPark is still a good place to visit for the money. It is very busy at times, and the observation tower does offer a grand view of the city when the conditions are right.

For staying I select a hotel which was among the hotels in san antonio. This hotel was very cheap and it was offering very large amount of discount at cheap prices. The hotel was very clean and very much decorated. There was a pleasing environment all over. The name of the hotel was the westin san antonio. This hotel offers very nice services to the visitors which pamper them. The cheap price of the hotel attracts tourists from all over the world.


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amazing travel to san antonio

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