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Magnetism Scenic Views & Best Rates Inn At Denver For travel

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I just visited to Denver with my friend Mark for see the sights and refreshing himself. When mark was came to my home for telling about Denver tour in late night and he stayed at my home for one night. He was just feeling so boring for his life because he didn’t feel good for their father business. His father is a good businessman and he has not money problem for them. 

After finished our collage, he didn’t go any place for entertainment and join his father business where he felt so boring therefore came to my home for exploring to any place. Denver city tour was also suggested by Mark and he listened that city sightseeing and adventure by offices members.

 After took permission with our family, I went for them to Denver city. Before came to Mark, I was preparing my job interviews but after saw the Mark condition, I didn’t want to break their heart so I visited with them to Denver for one week. He is my best friend.

Before leave to our home, Hotels in Denver reservation had been done by Mark from their home online services and air tickets two up and down. Therefore, without any tension, I went with them to Denver city.

He was Cool guy and nice guy. Denver city is the capitol of Colorado state, USA  and also biggest city of state. Reached to Denver International Airport afternoon time and moved out after got luggage’s from airport just two hours waiting because there was more rush.

Came out from Airport and wanted to catch RTD Bus service form there but Mark booked car. Therefore, by the car reached to our Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel, which was sited at 1750 welton street Denver. That hotel was far from the International airport near about 30 miles. Grand Hyatt was a cheap hotel to Denver City.

Got key of Grand Hyatt Denver Hotel room and moved there picked it. Both of them, had tired more due to travel thus wanted some time relax, so took bath.

After taking bath felt refreshment. Mark and me were hungry so brought lunch in our room. After ate lunch, took slept for few time. However, I woke up 4pm and after one our Mark too.

Denver city is vibrant city and plenty of attractions are looking each turn. Thus, moved out after 5:30 pm. By help of taxi moved ahead of downtown of Denver, which was so awesome. Over there, took few hours walk and visited to many stores, shops. We love Ice-cream so at it in  ice-cream parlor.

Subsequently, walking surrounding few places of downtown departed to The 16th street Mall and this was a urban mall carry with lots of shops, stores and more. In late night, after took of dinner came to hotels room.

Next day explored at Best Museums of Denver, which were Black American West Museum & Heritage Center was sited at 3091 California St. and after took lunch saw knowledge of Denver art Museum (100 W 14th Ave Pkwy) 3 to 5 pm.

Besides, Next day moreover watched some another museums such as Museo de las Americas, Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys, which were very outstanding museums over there. Mark and Me were so glad to watch these beautiful informational places in Denver.

Restaurants of Denver were so yummy thus frequently ate Mexican Meals over there Most of tiime. We departed to Blue Bonnet, Breakfast King, Heaven Dragon and El Taco de Mexico.

But the jack n Grill was excellent food place for us. Ate there numbers of time Mexican food with large style.

Whatever, we were time after exploring, visited to these restaurants place for eating meals.

Third day, visited both of them at Amusement Parks, which were Butterfly Pavilion and waterworld but for more rides and adventure Mark suggested to me Six Flags Elitch Garden amusement park, which was so stunning and adventure place for us.

Next three days, both of two guys took delights exploit to these parks.

Sixth day of our tour, went to hiking or mountains tour by Coors Breway. It was the perfect park for us. Last day of Denver, visited to Denver zoo and there saw numbers of animals, creatures, birds and pioneer train tour, which was the best option for exploring in their.

All seven day, both of them made a best memory To Denver. During trip, Mark said that his ambitions, which he was never, could say to his father but I told them Marks feeling and thought to their fater. His father had understood to Mark and said to Mark,” choose your life with your style not my style”. Mark loves music and dance in childhood time but his father not interested for their thoughts. However, after see their son feeling he changed. Now, Mark has a dance and music school and I am working at IT Company. But Mark and me promised to each other, that we will going to travel often throughout the year always to any adventure places. And both of them, have done to most of time.



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