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Wonderful and attractive one city with best suitable for vacation is Key West city. This is city situated at sea side coast United State of Florida. It contains the adventure and full attractions activities places. This city draws the visitors for many things like nightlife, sightseeing and a lot of accommodation listings. I always have a dream to see this city but I was waiting for the chance to visit this city. I planned my trip to this city by air. I was very worried about my hotel as this city is the hottest vacation destination. So to make it easier I search on net through cheap hotels in key west which give me a most famous hotel site. Through this site, I reserved my hotel there and after the reservation this site gives me the discount offer of 70%. I went to this city by air. I reached that city by Key WestInternationalAirport. This airport was very clean and beautiful which was very nice. After leaving my flight I came out from airport and get a surprised to see this beautiful city. I take a taxi to get my hotel and my hotel was situated at a short drive from this airport.  The airport was very good facilities in tourist include taxi, bus and train. The hotel was very beautiful which famous holiday inn Key West hotel in this city was. On the first day of my trip, first of all I like to take some refreshment and go to bed because I was tired during my journey. After taking some rest I went to market for taking junk food and travel agent to visit this city.Key West is the very famous city in the state of Florida. On the second day of my trip, first of all I went on island paradise which is doesn't need to feel that they are leaving the world behind, unless they really want to. There is plenty to see and experience in Key West and, because the island is small, nothing is very far away from where you are staying. Third day on my trip  I went to see the Key West has some great attractions point in visiting the tourist include activities, attractions, sightseeing, sunset & sailboat charters, and Island Tours then I went to  Dolphin trips out of Key West and the lower Florida Keys. Learn about wild dolphins and see them in their natural habitation. Fourth day I went to  Key West waterspouts  which offers companies that offer jet ski tours, rentals, small boat rentals, dolphin encounters, kayak tours through the backcountry mangrove island, and kayak fishing just to name a few. Fifth day on my trip I went to see the McCoy Indigenous Park that’s was a very beautiful park which was good attraction point in this city. The park was very good facilities include animal shows, children amusement parks, play ground and others fun in these parks. Also this I went to see the beach attraction like Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling is ideal at most beaches in Key West. Lifeguards are not present at beaches, so swimming is at your own risk. Topless and nude bathing are illegal. Fishing is allowed off the piers at most beaches.  On last day of my trip, I did not go any where and spent the time in my cheap hotel rooms which were so nice. At the time of evening, I checked out my hotel and returned back to home with most memorable moments. Really, this city and the hotels in Key West give me unforgettable moments to which I can never pay for them.


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