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Beach of Daytona Beach Florida

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For kinds of adventure to be found in Daytona Beach city, which is located in Florida State and popular for their overwhelming attractions places. Main Hub for entertainment is Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach, South Daytona, Port Orange, Holly Hills etc. Daytona Beach is also Center for world racing. NASCAR is also live here in part of East center Florida.

There biggest attraction is soft sandy beach, which are stretch around 23 miles long distance and mostly can be see huge crowds in summer season.

We visited to Daytona Beach in summer time for beach adventure by the plane from Virginia Beach. We were gone to Virginia Beach for official work from Seattle city.

After finished of our worked, came to Daytona Beach because we were need more refreshment and Daytona soft sandy beach was best source for us but made hotel reservations first from Virginia Beach online services before left to those city.

At cheap hotels in Dayton beach ‘Marriott’ where made reservation at budget rates for a room. Marriott Daytona Beach offered to us best indoor and outdoor activities along with superb amenities.

Left the Daytona Beach international airport after got our luggage and departed to our hotel by taxi, which was not far from to there just half mile. Quick short time reached our hotel room. In hotel, we enjoyed the whirlpool adventure still moved to Daytona Beach portion because wanted to see them.  By Help of taxi caught that place. Both of them saw Spectacular glimpse of Beach, and removed our shoes for walking. After sunset, came to hotel room, and slept soon after took dinner.

In Dayton Beach many outstanding parks are positioned such as Sun splash County park, Bethune Point Park, Colins Parks, Tuscawilla park, Shangri-La Mini park etc but in them, the Sun splash County Park has interactive best features and best outdoor for picnic some other entertainment such as water fountain fun. Here Volleyball courts, Decorative walkways, shaded playground, restrooms, shower and more are located here. Thus, here come many visitors for spending our time.

While the art Galley were the other attraction Daytona Beach, in attendance saw few art galleries such as News-Journal Center and Daytona Beach Bandshell.

Few Museums are other outdoors attractions for instances Museums of arts sciences, Southeast Museum of photography.

Major outdoor attraction of Dayton beach is world car racing. During racing time here thousands of racing fans come for making outstanding adventure during show time.

However, we were wanted to Beach attractions thus, frequently visited to beach side and for making best explorer over there.

On Beach, we played with water, swimming, watching wind surfing man, walking, and more. Next day, After lunch, went for deep water tour with charter fishing boat, and deep water boat tour was fabulous for us because saw awesome sightseeing to sea and city shore side.

Last day, took the enjoyment of water sport, which was sited, to that city. Besides, had done shopping to best malls of Daytona beach because after finished our trip will go to directly Seattle city. Thus, last day got best exploring to downtown, shopping malls and some other places.

During trip, we ate wide range of food with lots of verities. Middle of Daytona trip, went also Daytona Ale house for drinking. There were got outstanding adventure.

 Overall, the trip to Daytona Beach best trip for us.


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Daytona Beach Outdoor Actions Journey

Daytona Beach, United States