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Brooklyn Top Cities of New York for Enjoying Holidays

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Brooklyn is also KingsCounty in the state of New York which is very beautiful city. This city is a 4th most populous American city. Brooklyn is currently enjoying a period of growth and wealth not seen since before World War II. There is world Class Theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the center of a proposed new arts district that will include a new art museum and a highly controversial Frank Gehry-designed sports area home for the NBA's Nets. This is most popular tourist destination nightlife, sightseeing and one of the most attraction cities for tourists in state of New York. I am first time visit in this city and my family is very excited in this trip. I got this hotel from a travel site by searching on net. This travel site provides a list of brooklyn hotels which were less expansive with discount offer. So, I reserved my hotel from this site. After getting reservation I fly to this city on the date of my trip. I reached that city by McCarranInternationalAirport. I called a taxi and reached to my marriott brooklynhotel at noon. I put my bags in room and get fresh and I went to lunch after lunch, I am back and I rested the room and I planned my trip for next day. First day I went to see the BrooklynBridge was a very beautiful and nice bridge which was a bridge of many firsts suspension bridge to use steel for its cable wire. It was the first bridge to use explosives in a dangerous underwater device called a caisson. At the time it was built, the 3,460-foot BrooklynBridge was also crowned the longest us pension bridge in the world. But the BrooklynBridge was plagued with its share of problems. The bridge was one of the most magnificent landmarks in New York. Second day I went to see the Grand Army Plaza was a very beautiful and nice which the plaza was a large traffic circle bounded by trees. This plaza was a main branch of Brooklyn Public Library in this city. This plaza was also good destination in this city. I am very awe inspiring in GrandArmyPlaza. A great feeling overwhelmed me when I was walking through ProspectPark in the freezing cold weather and decided it was enough and wanted to get out. Third day I went to see the BrooklynChildrenMuseum was a very fantastic museum. The museum was every exhibit was challenging enough for the older children, but also enjoyable for the younger kids. My little one never stopped smiling until we left, then she let us hear it. She wanted to stay. This we also enjoyed the nightlife of this city and came back to hotel where we take dinner. This day, we enjoy nightlife of this city and taste the wine also. After taking dinner, we came back to our hotel and went for sleeping. On the Forth day, we went to shopping stores for shopping and surfing of this city. This day we explore some destination also. We also watch a movie at a famous theater. On the forth day of our trip, we left our bed early morning, leave the cheap hotels and went to airport. While going to airport my was very happy for this that now her dreams have been fulfilled. Those memories and moments which we get from this city are never unforgettable and we fly to our home with these memories.


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