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Tramway Sandia Mountain Attractions Trip

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I visited to Albuquerque City for Rio Grande Zoo, Aquarium, Sandia Peak Tramway, Museums of art and History, Rattlesnake Museum, Wondering Cliffs Amusement Park, Rio Grande Valley State park,Tingley Beach, Restaurants, sightseeing etc.

Besides, This city is famous for International Balloon festivals, which held in October month for nine days. I wanted to watch this festival but in October month lots of work presser over me thus summer month season visited here. However, got outstanding sightseeing, knowledge, huge explorer, sightseeing and more other with in 9 days trip.

 It was awesome trip but missed Balloon festival in whole October season. Still, I will be planning for this outstanding festival in upcoming October season.

By airplane reached to International Airport of this city. By help of train and taxi caught our Marriott Albuquerque hotel, which was sited in 2101 Louisiana Boulevard Northeas and famed for their features, amenities, adventurous closed by outstanding locations, shopping districts and outdoor attractions such as Sandia Mountain etc.

Before reserved this hotel, complete information took first then after that reserved it. It was situated at center of all adventure and sightseeing place. Other hotels in Albuquerque are sited there but I liked them so much.

Whenever closed to budget hotels sited watched after short walking with in two days, but few attractions places took long time such as Sandia Mountains and more.

For outdoor opportunities, visited at Sandia Mountain Hiking range along with Sandia Peak tramway. Nevertheless, visited at hiking range first because wanted some sightseeing place and enormous places over there and I did it.

During hiking watched nice spectacular mountains sightseeing attractions glimpse by a glances along with covered in my camera for our memory. A group hiking trip organized by the Marriott few travelers and one of them me also because I was alone over there and had told them to hotel manager that any group trip are going to Sandia Mountain range then I will go with them therefore I did it that wonderful outdoor attractions. Like that place, I didn’t visit before.

Instead, on Sandia Mountain Hiking caught the wondering of spectacular attractions over the Peak Tramway, which was sited in NE of City. This was the half hour tramway tour and offered heartbreaking scenic views around the city and valley as well as a longest tramway at city. Restaurants meals of there few expensive but eating meals with watching there tremendous glimpse glace overwhelming. By the group came to our Marriott Albuquerque.

 Except next day hotel group, because they were going to another place but I wanted to Rio Grande zoo. Except to all biggest holiday it is open always. There watched few more species such as polar bears, lions, zebras, tigers, giraffes, elephants, gorillas, along with trees, rockwork, water and grass was offering best outdoor attraction over there. Instead, saw catwalk, seal exhibits along with polar bears. But there meals were quite expensive thus I brought packed lunch with us. With coffee ate them and watched again other attractions over there.


Aquarium of the Albuquerque was majestic and saw there jellyfish, seahorses, eels, huge shark tanks, plenty of reef fish, along with Japanese garden which was awesome garden throughout the city, there attractions didn’t see elsewhere to other places city. Spectacular views attract thousand of peoples over there. I enjoyed their very nice way.

Besides, Museums of art and history also saw to this city with fine arts specially the dinosaurs. Rattlesnake museums also I saw in my trip. But so wondering I got over Cliffs Mountain amusement park with rides, water play area,  and some other adventure I took. Tingley Beach of Albuquerque city , where I did it –fishing, watching around actions, boating, purchased few gift at gift shop and also entertainment with zoo train at Botanical garden. I obtained a nice adventure trip that city but would be miss International Balloon festival.


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