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Auburn Hills & Detroit Adventure Tour

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Surrounding Auburn hills too many outstanding explorer places are located such as too many small lakes, beaches just half and one hours distance, museums, and park as well as lake adventure too. Detroit city was not for from the Auburn hills thus I reserved one cheap hotel rooms for exploring surrounding auburns Hills and Detroit. Auburn hills regions are too cheap as compare to other places.

I stayed at Hilton Auburn Hills, which was awesome hotel because their features and services were fabulous but I couldn’t count them just use it and made a outstanding memory at Auburn Hills and surrounding Detroit and some other zones over there, which was terrific outdoor provinces.

First day, moved ahead to Judah lake for fishing and adventure, after collected some sufficient items moved towards the Judah lake for fishing. The starting few hours was so boring because couldn’t catch any fish but as soon as few hours, caught lots of, which were small and big fish and sufficient for me. I walking surrounding lake regions too to exploring purpose, and found the inside lake bank beauty natures.

During fishing, two another guys joined to me, which was stayed at our inside room in Hilton Auburn hills. I was knew them. After few time discuses, got that were came here fore spending few days. But if you see to whole Auburn city then found there are very quite bit exploring places but if you move few miles far from surrounding regions then you will get fabulous outdoor places such as anchor lake adventure, st. chair lake adventure, Detroit adventure and more. Thus I told about more surrounding explorer over there.

They came for fishing. After ate Lunch meal moved to inside regions area’s of Judah lake and got more explorer but it was not more for us. We came to our hotel and went to evening time for dinner and walking after refresh with shower and cup of coffee. That day was nice.
While second day, of Auburn Hills was fabulous because went to Grosse Pointe Park and famous for seafoods, chop houses and surrounding explorer. There boating exploring were fabulous. First, we hired a boat after sharing money and went up to deep-water range for more exploring. Surrounding views over the boat was fabulous.

 City of Detroit and Auburns few places were looking enormous. Spectacular glimpse and  Boating with fishing were fabulous at st.chair lake and we felt it.  In addition, After boating, went towards the Hill area where ate the seafood’s and chops, which was so yummy.

Besides, I watched Country Club of Detroit, Edsel & Eleanor Ford House and Grosse Pointe War Memorial, which were outstanding explorer over there.

 After took the breakfast next morning, moved to Chrysler Museum for spending our day by more exploring after watched the Chrysler museums saw also Detroit piston. The Detroit Piston zone was so big.

 Next day, departed for shopping closed to Lake crossing way. After shopping, ate delicious meal and watched movies too on 30-screen movieplex.  Next two day, we explored lots of place such as Anchor Bay Garden; Anchor Bay outstanding inside bay portions boating, ate verities of foods, and purchased huge items from-shopping places etc.

It was four day nice trip with new friends that’s met in Hotels in Auburn Hills. It was nice tour to both them and me.

But we did not go to home and moved to Chicago city for next three day. There I made also reservations at Hilton Chicago, which was fabulous for us and offered best services like Auburn hills Hilton Hotels. But I was wanted more exploring.  And I was knew that the Chicago city is biggest outdoor attractions places, so watched there Lincoln zoo, awesome architecture, lake adventure with fishing or camping, shopping also there, but Chinatown adventure of there were outstanding and spent time over there full day.

We convert three days trip to Chicago in four day because the adventure to the beach of lake remain thus last day, departed to lake beach of Chicago and exploring surrounding zone, boating too with enormous of glances surrounding there. Yet, I couldn’t forget them explorer. The Auburn and Chicago adventure gave more memory to me. Total 8 days trip to Auburn and Chicago we came to home by plane.


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Auburn Hills, Detroit and Chicago Combined tour

Auburn Hills, United States