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city of mansions

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Newport is a beautiful seaside city in Rhode Island that is famous for its mansions, shopping, and scenery. Newport is also known for hosting the Newport Folk Festival and the Newport Jazz Festival and many other Festivals and Fairs. Cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks accent an upscale touristy downtown area with many shops, galleries and great restaurants and its all located along water. Newport sits on the southern end of Aquidneck Island and features several fine beaches, rocky cliffs and much history including an old fort. There are lots of hotels available for the tourists but we have to select a cheap hotel from the different cheap hotels available in the city. One such hotel is Marriott NewportRhode Island hotel. This is a very cheap hotel and provides best services worldwide at cheap rates.

From the famous cliff walk you can see the beautiful nature of Atlantic Ocean around you and also the wild life around you. You can drive through the Newport shoreline to see he different beaches, houses and other destinations. 180 years old FortAdams is the example of beautiful architecture and engineering. Many festivals and events take place in the fortAdams which includes all age groups. National tennis hall of fame commemorates the players of tennis and it is built in 1880.

Newport mansions represent the 250 years of history by their art and architecture. They are very finely preserved by the government that everyone enjoys the original beauty of the mansions. Many functions such as flower function is organized in the mansions.

There are different types of museums in the Newport. All represent different era of the life. Cheap hotels in Newport provide lots of services at cheap prices. So we should take benefit from them.

There are lots of things to do in new port. In summer different water activities can be done in the new port. In the spring boating and sailing can be done in the Newport. In winter ice skating can be done. Shopping and gambling are also famous among the new porters throughout the whole year. Cruises are also available for the new porter’s fun. There are courses available for the sailing and boating. Skating, sky diving, scuba diving and surfing are also very famous among the tourists. You can enjoy a lot there by these activities. Trained professions are available for the training to the new learners of these activities.

Newport is known for its beautiful beaches. There are a variety of both public and private beaches located in the Newport area. Many beaches located in Newport and Middletown are within a few blocks from each other, and have a variety of different features. Some are great for swimming, fishing, and making sand castles, while others have picnic areas and great surf. Some of Newport’s beaches provide family events and entertainment during different times of the year. All beaches in Newport have great views and are perfect for a little relaxation.

There are different places available for the fishing and playing golf. Lots of events are there for enjoying for the tourists.


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