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Back to Auckland

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We started the day with a walk. We were dropped at the Wantangi treaty grounds and walked through mangrove swaps along the side of a river. It wasn't very far. We first saw a fantail bird – it seemed to hover around the heels of the first person to go – it was after the insects that were disturbed by us walking over the ground. When we stopped to look it flew into a tree and watched us and as soon as we started walking again it swooped down once again. Further along the walk we came across nesting cormorants, still with some young birds in the nests.

At the end of the walk was the Haruru Falls, it wasn't very spectacular – in fact reminded me of Aysgarth Falls in Yorkshire.

The weather was warm but overcast and when we got back on the coach there was quite a bit of low mist. We stopped enroute to Auckland for lunch and to look at a couple of beaches but the mist was quite low and it was difficult to see much.

Back in Auckland we were in the Quadrant Hotel again. On our previous visit we had a room directly above the loading bay for the Hyatt Hotel next door and they not only had deliveries all through the night but also have a rubbish compactor there as well. We asked whether we could have a different room on our return. At check in they offered us the same room back again then one in the same position but 2 floors below! Helen (the tour organiser offered us her room which was not quite directly above so we went for that but couldn't get in the room. Eventually Helen got her room back and we got a room on the opposite side. There was a bonus with this one – it had a washing machine so we were also able to catch up on our dirty laundry.

We went back to the Victoria Street Bistro for our dinner – once again excellent but only 30% off this time!


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Big Adventure 2010

Capetown, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney, South Africa,New Zealand,Australia