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Auckland Day 3

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We woke up this morning to heavy rain so didn't rush to go out and do anything. We needed to transfer to another hotel in order to join our Explore tour. We had already found out where the hotel was and our original idea was just to walk there, but as it was raining we got a taxi. Before we left we;d once again 'Skyped' Andrea – the third day in a row – what an excellent facility this is and coupled with the free internet service provided by the hotel a fantastic way of keeping in touch with home while across the other side of the world!

We transferred to the hotel, met the tour guide who said we wouldn't be able to book in until 3 and we would meet as a group at 5. We then booked in our luggage and asked about a laundromat. Ironically the Laundromat was about 40 metres away from where our hotel room at Sky City looked out on. So we walked back there did our washing – walked back to the Quadrant to drop off the washing but as there were already too many bags for them they wouldn't accept it. So we went for lunch along the waterfront and had an extra glass of beer until it was time to check in – it wasn't easy to do very much carrying your washing!

At 3 we booked in to the Quadrant, the room was half the size of the Sky City room and also contained a kitchen, unfortunately no air conditioning either.

At 5 we met up with the rest of the group – 22 of us all together, 7 single ladies, 1 single man (the only American) and the rest couples, also a mixture of ages from late twenties through to much older than us.

We walked down to the waterfront for dinner coincidentally at the restaurant we had eaten the previous lunchtime. This gave the opportunity to get acquainted with some of our fellow tour companions.


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Big Adventure 2010

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