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Auckland Day 1

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Writing this journal after having been in Auckland a couple of days what we did on this day seems to be a bit of a blur!

The Sky City Hotel is situated directly under the Auckland Sky Tower and houses 5 restaurants, a theatre and a 24 hour casino. We breakfasted at the Rebo cafe in the lobby of the hotel, expensive, limited and served you on plates like large shallow bowls where it was difficult to cut anything up as all the food was in competition to be at the bottom!

Our room is quite enormous with a bed to sleep at least 3, we're on the fourth floor and have a fantastic view looking towards the Auckland bridge (there seems to be a never ending stream of traffic crossing this at all times of day and night).The window doesn't open so we are relying heavily on the air conditioning but this then lulls you into a false sense of security as when we eventually step outside the door the temperature is already quite high for early morning.

We start off the day with a long Skype call to Andrea – it's really fantastic what technology can do nowadays. Then we have arranged to meet Margaret at Davenport (across the other side of the harbour) from the 10am ferry across there. Margaret is the sister to our neighbour (Netta). All goes well and we meet her at Davenport and we go for a coffee first (where she introduces us to another Davenport resident who spends half her year in Auckland and the rest of the time back in Aberdeen. Margaret then takes us on a walking tour round North Point (with an interesting audio video on it's defensive background- and met more people from Aberdeen!).

Margaret takes us back to her apartment – it is wonderful – it is a high rise built on the edge of one of the promentaries in the harbour, on the fourth floor the lounge has glass windows on 2 sides -what a view from your own house – always plenty to see. We have a leisurely lunch and relax and then later in the afternoon we go from another walk directly around the apartment and see another couple being photographed at the nearest bay, together with the youngsters that are having great fun jumping from the pier. Further along the route we come across a Mauri community hall with its decorated wooden pillars.

In the evening we go for a Chinese meal together – beautiful food but far too much quantity. We are then put back on the 8.15 ferry back to Auckland itself and see the lights of the city coming on in the dusk. We then just collapse into bed and manage quite a good nights sleep. But what a fantastic day we had despite our lack of sleep!


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