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Cape town to Auckland

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On the morning of our departure from Cape Town we woke up to grey skies, rain and thunder. The mist was down so low we couldn't even see the tops of some of the buildings let alone Table Mountain. This soon cleared and by the time we set off for the airport the sun was shining it's heart out and Table mountain had once again appeared.

The plane to Jo'Burg was on time and our journey was helped along the way with our bags having been booked in all the way to Auckland but we were only given boarding pass for the first 2 legs of the journey. Jo'Burg is a very large airport and we had a good wander around and then had a smoothie before we went to board the plane. As we were in the cafe there was a white egret (I think!) that kept flying up to the window – quite fascinating to watch.

Our flight from Jo'Burg to Sydney wasn't very full and were hoping that we would have an empty seat next to us – but it wasn't our day as the last passengers to board the plane came to sit with us. It was a long flight but we did manage to get some sleep. We landed in Sydney on time. We then had a problem getting our boarding passes for our flight to Auckland as there was no one at the transit desk who was able to issue us with our cards. When we got them we went to the allotted gate only to be moved on across the other side of the airport at the last minute. The flight was full and although it had a Quantas number it was operated on behalf of Jetstar and we think is the cheap alternative (similar to Easyjet), for this last 3 hours we had to buy our own refreshments.

Although we set off late (apparently due to calculating the amount of fuel required to circumnavigate the bad weather in the southern half of New Zealand) we arrived approximately on time only to find that the passenger bridge was faulty and we were stuck on the plane for another 20 minutes once we had arrived until it was fixed. The arrival in New Zealand took a bit of time as they are very sensitive with regards to bio-security and we had to declare that we had walking boots (and stick) and what we had forgotten about was a wooden hippo we had bought in Cape Town. All these had to be inspected and we were pronounced clear (good job we had well organised luggage or else this could have taken some time).

At the end of the day it only took us an hour from landing to getting into a taxi but just a very busy one!

We were looking forward to getting into bed. The journey had been a long one (28 hours). We arrived at the Sky City hotel – a hotel underneath the Sky Tower (the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere!). The room is very good. Sleep was elusive though.


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Big Adventure 2010

Capetown, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Sydney, South Africa,New Zealand,Australia