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Fraser Island trip

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WOW! Not sure where to begin with this blog. Just finished a pretty indescribable 3 days - a trip to Fraser Island needs to be put on everyones list of things to do in life!

I had no expectations of what was ahead when I boarded the ferry from Hervey Bay in a larger 4WD jeep (which we later named Smoking joe), packed to the brim with 5 co-passengers, 2 tents, a camping stove, 2 food boxes filled with about a million sausages, and another 2 drink boxes. Oh, and did I mention that Smoking Joe had no handbrake, and took about 5 attempts to start each time?

Twelve other 4x4 jeeps unloaded after the 40-minute ferry ride to the island and we all made our way in convoy to Central Station (which, with hindsight, was a rather unusual name for it on the basis that there were no trains or buses on the island!@).

From here all the jeeps went separate ways. Our group (myself, Bea, a Slovak couple and two other guys) decided to commence our adventure with a 'walk' through the rainforest to Basin Lake - little did we know it was going to be an uphill hard-core trek dodging the various wildlife that we encountered along the way. It actually closely resembled 'I'm a celeb, get me outta here!' I soon realised that this island was not for the faint-hearted and I was quickly told to 'man-up' as I jumped and screamed at the slightest movement or noise from the bush - think of all the nasty creatures in the world....this place has them all! In fact, Mum, scratch this off your 'must-get-to' list - you'd hate it!

After this trek, it was my turn to drive! I drove the jeep through 10km of seriously bumpy off-road tracks (which was great fun for me, not so great for the guys at the back of the jeep who were constantly being catapulted in the air!), until we reached the beach at Eurong. This was quite an amazing sight - literally all we could see was miles and miles of white sand and clear water - AMAZING!

The rest of the day was spent ripping up and dpwn the beach, checking out a shipwreck, bathing in the creeks and then finally setting up camp on the beach for the night with our fellow friends from the other jeeps.

Despite the tents being put up for us (thanks boys!), the realisation that our (way-too-close) neighbours were a selection of dingos, bush rats, lizards and a number of HUGE insects, myself and Bea quickly shotgunned the back of the jeep as our accommodation for the night - a great move!!

The night was spent gathered round huddle together in a large circle of other (equally terrified) backpackers, so all that was left to do was to play a selection of drinking games which soon took our minds off the pack of dingos that were lingering around us (and also helped us to pass out that bit quicker!)

Our proposed itinerary suggested we set off at 5.30am on Day Two to avoid the high tide....However, the drinking games were NOT on the itinerary for Day One, and hence our itinerary went out the window and we decided to do our own thing. Hmmmm...... So we set off at 9.30am to make our way up to Indian Heads. HOWEVER, we quickly realised that the expert was correct - the tide was in, and we were pretty much stranded on the beach tryin got avoid the waves between camp sites, about to be swept off the beach!

We made it to a private campsite after a bit of an adrenaline-rush (to say the least) where a very grumpy owner informed us that we weren't supposed to be on the beach for another 2 hours -OOPS! So we had a big brekkie instead :)

We finally made it to Indian Heads which was an amazing viewing point for the whole beach, and also to see all sorts of sharks, stingrays, jellyfish etc - see the photos!

We then drove to Lake Wabby that afternoon, which was pretty cool - a gorgeous lake with a sand dune as a beach (that everyone rolled down like kids!). There were loads of cool fish in the water (and apparently turtles but I didn't see any). I tried out my new waterproof digital camera but didn't realise that (a) I needed to actually put the camera into underwater mode and (b) my watch WASN'T actualy waterproof too - no permanent damage done though?!

We spent that night in a proper campsite (as opposed to the beach again), where we presumed we were safe from danger....until the local ranger came round while we were eating to tell us we definitely were not safe - as proved by the dingo actually getting into our cool box and stealing a bag-in-box wine!!

We went to Lake McKenzie on our final day which was really beautiful - played silly ball games and chilled for a bit before an eventful drive back to the ferry.

All in all, a brilliant three days full of fun, games, 'musical tiurets', a bookful of hilarious quotes (but only funny to us I guess), and a good learning of the Slovak language (well slang at least!).

This blog definitely hasn't dont the experience justice, so you'll just have to go and see it for yourself!


Am off to Whitsundays tomorrow for a few days so will report on that when I get back!

Lots of love, Em xxx



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Fraser Island 3 day trip - Jan 2010

Fraser Island, Australia