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These are all taken from my window...

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...Hey! It was cold outside and I didn't feel like exploring it while recovering from jet lag, no matter how incredibly beautiful it looked.  These are all taken from the first few days I got back in January. I got in on a very foggy Friday and by Friday night it was cold enough to frost my friend and my hair when we walked home from another friend's house.  The sun even came out for a full day, but the temperatures were still cold enough that the frost stayed 24/day...until it got cold enough to snow.

The Irish don't appear to have much luck this winter. First with November's floods (well technically it started at the beginning of the year but I began to see it with that Frenchman's handball during the all important soccer match), December-January has constantly been much much colder than normal. The Irish aren't acquiped for it at all.  A cab driver was telling me that Ireland doesn't have any all-weather or winter tires (they spell it tyres), they have no snowplows, and that they blew through whatever small amount of salt they had & it would take 5 weeks for more to come in.  I read in the newspaper that people had gone without water for days because the H20 has frozen in the pipes and in a lot of cases have burst the pipes. The article said that many cities, Limerick included, will be suffering water shortages & restrictions all the way into the summer as a result.


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January Frost

Limerick, Ireland