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November rains

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November 2009 was the wettest November in history in Ireland.  The Shannon River flooded big time - which means we had some fun due to living on the river banks. These pictures are not at the peak of the flooding, but after it had stopped raining for a few days and the water levels had gone down noticeably. My apartment complex was designed for flooding, so there was areas between each building where flood water could go. Even with that the water came within 1-2 ft of overflowing those and covering the paths from Thomond (my apartment village) to the main part of campus. Part of the road was actually flooded over on campus, and the water put so much pressure (or something) on the septic tanks for Thomond that my apartment village went 3 days without water. It took them about a week to pump the water out to acceptable conditions.  The houses across the river did not fair as well as we did though—they were under at least a foot of water for almost 2 weeks. All in all I heard (in November) that damages were expected to be higher than 300 million Euros. Ouch for a country whose economy is doing much worse than the US' right now and only has 6 million people populating the whole thing.


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November flooding & post flood

Limerick, Ireland