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Adventurous Dinseyland, Anaheim

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It was nighttime, when I went to street of Anaheim downtown. Where stall street food was eating, which was so delicious. Closed to stall some shopping places, mall also watched to this evening. I heard that about Shabu Shabu Japanese famous restaurant for Japanese foods, then moved ahead The Block at Orange, 20 City Boulevard West  where it was located.

But I told you that it was not a lowest food meals restaurant rather quite expensive. Whatever, I ate the delicious meals of the Shabu Shabu.

In June starting week, I visited to Anaheim city for Disneyland adventure. It was the first day, when I reached to Anaheim. After left the airport, we reached to our reserved hotel rooms called best western Anaheim inn hotels, which was so cheap rates, only $89 per night and this was so cheap hotels throughout the Anaheim city. The downtown Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure Park, just one-quarter mile far from them. As well, offered spa, and swimming pool facilities. The other amenities of the hotel were awesome. After refreshment, we came to street because arrived to hotel near about 5:30pm. After dinning to Shabu Shabu, walked around the street adventure places. I was so tired about the travel so back to hotel room soon for sleep.

Next day, woke up early morning, because the time was coming for adventure of Disneyland. I got ready soon and after took the breakfast come down in front of hotel. Just I was waiting our taxi, picked it, and moved ahead of the Disneyland. Few minute drive, reached to our dream place. This is the home of the original Disneyland.

Outside the views of the Disneyland was superb and outstanding architecture of there. However, this day, I decided to will see the theme park of Disneyland and next day, will go to California adventure park Disneyland. Purchased the Entrance tickets, which was $72 per day. Access of the Disneyland of all their places wheelchair and many other possible things.

All park adventure are changed every season so called it dramatically Disneyland few time. First, visited to railroad regions, which was awesome, took there few time entertainment and moved ahead of the Disneyland Boasts 57 attractions-In there, you can find the best awesome attractions. During the railroad adventure- a train was moving around the shops places, adventure places and were viewing awesome sightseeing attractions of the Disneyland. In there, four stations where it was stop.

As soon as moved ahead of the main street where watched the six cartoons of the Disney. Last time I visited to the exhibitions point of 50 years Disneyland. Where I watched the Disneyland exhibitions as how can changed Disneyland In 50 years. In addition, I reserved the Disneyland dinning, so after ate our dinning, moved ahead our hotel room. Most of places I will watch next day, so like that thinking came back to our hotel from Disneyland. Where I got some entertainment with street area and our room.

Next early Morning I went to also Disneyland and watched so other best places, which was left pervious day. Almost watched out places and got fabulous adventure But the California Adventure Disneyland park, couldn’t watch in 2 days. So 3rd day I got this opportunities and acquired the best adventure to there. California adventure Disneyland is sister park of the Disneyland. All five theme land of Disneyland such as Sunshine Plaza, Golden State, Condor Flats, pacific Wharf, Golden vine winery and few other.

Over all the Disneyland tour, had completed in four days, which was outstanding and unforgettable. I need more adventure there so visited to many places of the Anaheim where got fabulous attractions. In 6 days trip to the Anaheim city, obtained to many attractions. Instead, Crystal Cathedral was also most awesome place in Anaheim. In additions, the hotels in Anaheim city were located too many places. but in the Disneyland closed hotel rates are so expensive but too many other lowest rates hotel located there nearby few miles far from Disneyland.

After obtained the best adventure, came back to our city with lots of joy


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Disneyland Adventure Trip Anaheim, CA

anaheim, United States
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